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Jay is the the most capable and competent vehicle locksmith in this area, period. He spends countless hours and invest large sums of money to continually educate himself and stay at the cutting edge of the rapidly changing vehicle key and lock technology field. He also teaches vehicle locksmith classes. We are telling you this so you will have absolute confidence that when Jay hands you a new key for your vehicle, you will know you chose the right Raleigh locksmith for the job.
What we provide is value. We do what we say I'm going to do, when we say we are going to do it, and for the price we quote. If getting the absolute lowest price is what is most important to you, do us both a favor and please call one of my competitors. There is no shortage of "locksmiths" that will undercut everyone else just to get the job. But remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for".

Beware of scammers, fakes, & frauds! Locksmith scammer fraud has reached epidemic proportions in NC, Anyone performing locksmith services in the state of North Carolina is REQUIRED by law to possess a North Carolina Locksmith License. Locksmiths in this state are also required to display their NC Locksmith License Number in any advertisement they use, If the "locksmith" does not display his or her license number in their advertisement, there is a good chance that they may not be licensed at all and are operating illegally.
Would you want to hire a person that is willing to break the law by illegally operating as a locksmith and give them access to your most valuable possessions


Local TV station WRAL has covered the story on Bogus locksmith operations working in N.C. here is the link to see video clips on the arrest of unlicensed locksmiths and more. WRAL Locksmith reports

Call Jay at Barker's Lock Service and get it done right the first time and by a real North Carolina licensed locksmith.

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