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hs-keyOur business is focused exclusively on Raleigh vehicle locksmith services. I make keys for vehicles where others can't or won't.
Numerous franchise and independent dealerships, auto repair shops, body shops, and of course individuals in the area call Barker's Lock Service when they need keys made, locks repaired or rekeyed, and keys programmed for their vehicles because they know the job will be done quickly and professionally.

We are the number one Raleigh auto locksmith service. We make standard keys, high security keys, transponder keys, and  keys for classic cars. We make keys for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks & heavy trucks.

New Proximity Remotes (PROX) Have you lost your Proximity Remote or is it not working right? We can help, we stock a wide range of Proximity remotes. We are one of the only locksmiths in the area that offer Raleigh Proximity Remotes.

When all keys are lost we can create a new key and if needed do all the programing so you have a working key for your car or truck. We also make duplicate keys, We offer broken key shell replacement, lock recoding / rekeying, lock repair and replacement and vehicle unlocking services.

Raleigh Auto Locksmith Service

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Standard Keys

A Standard car Key is a basic metal key that has no transponder chip in it. Many times a standard key will have a plastic or rubber grip in the thumb area of the key but some keys do not have this and are just all metal.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys have a larger head than a standard key because in the head of the key is the transponder chip. A transponder key needs to be programed into the car for the key to be able to start your car. Some people also call this kind of key a chip key.

High Security Keys

A high security key is the next step up from a basic transponder key. It still has a chip in it and it must be programed into the car for it to work. The big difference is in the cutting of the key a high security key needs to be cut on a special key cutter that cuts tracks into or on the outside of the key. This kind of key is many times called a laser cut key.


The Proximity or (Prox) key is the wave of the future and is popping up in more and more cars each year. The Prox key still needs to be programed into the car but then you do not use a key to start the car, you just push the start button. You must have the Prox key in your pocket or close by for it to communicate with the car's ignition or the car will not start.

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