Barker’s Lock Service Makes Motorcycle Keys in Raleigh

At Barker’s Lock Service in Apex, we specialize in making keys for vehicles, but not just car keys. We are also exceptionally qualified in motorcycle key generation.

In this article I would like to focus on one of the more difficult and unfortunately expensive motorcycle brands to make keys for, Ducati. This article will give you an idea of how Barker’s Lock Service can be the better option when deciding who your best choice is when you need keys for your motorcycle.

The bike we made keys for in this instance was a 2004 Ducati 1000DS Multistrada. This motorcycle, as well as most other 2001 and up Ducati bikes, incorporates a transponder anti-theft system in which the key is an integral part.


Many of the Ducati motorcycles incorporate a type of transponder anti-theft system that includes a key with a red plastic head (referred to as the Red key from here on) used specifically for programming additional keys to operate the bike that are usually designated by a black plastic head (referred to as the Black key from here on). The Red key is for programming additional Black keys that are used in the normal operation of the motorcycle.

If the owner needs to add additional Black keys to start the bike, the Red key is required to initiate the programming process. When the Red key is misplaced or lost, the owner is not able to add more Black keys to start the bike. If the owner is still in possession of at least one Black key we can make a duplicate for comparatively little money.

If all keys are lost however, the story changes dramatically. If you call your local Ducati dealer and tell them that you have lost all keys for your bike with this transponder system, you will get price quotes anywhere from $2500 to $3500 to get you back on the road. This is because the Ducati factory procedure in this situation is to replace the instrument cluster, ECU, and all the locks. That price doesn’t include towing and they usually won’t elaborate as to the wait time, which could amount to weeks.

We generate a mechanical key pretty much as we would with many other vehicles. But with this bike we need to remove the instrument cluster or dash. We then disassemble the dash, read and save the key data contained on the appropriate IC chip mounted on the circuit board. At that point we transfer the key data to the correct transponder chip, insert the chip into the key head, reassemble the dash, insert the key in the ignition lock and start the bike.




Dealer prices to get new keys for your Ducati are 5 times or more what Barker’s Lock Service charges to get you back in the wind, and we can usually complete the job by the end of the next business day, sometimes sooner. No towing required. We come to you and make your keys on site!

We can help even if you aren’t located within our service area. Call us to discuss how you can remove the necessary components and ship them to us to have keys generated for your Ducati or other make of motorcycle.

You can reach us at 919-467-8212 and we’ll gladly address all of your concerns with pricing, as well as your options. We will always point you in the direction that best serves your interests, regardless of whether we get your business this time.

Thank you for your time and always do your homework when it comes to spending your hard earned money!

Jay Barker, CAL