Subaru Keys at Barker’s Lock

Do you have a 2012 or later Subaru vehicle with no keys? Have you contacted the Subaru dealer to inquire about obtaining new keys only to be told, much to your astonishment, that new keys will cost you $1500 or more? Not to mention the tow fees and days your vehicle will spend in the shop waiting for parts and undergoing repairs?2012_subaru_impreza

For some of their 2012 vehicles, Subaru decided to implement a new transponder anti theft system protocol not previously used by this manufacturing company. As long as you have one working key, more keys can be added using proprietary diagnostic equipment much the same as most other vehicles equipped with transponder anti theft technology. But if there are no working keys available, the game changes significantly. The dealer solution in this scenario is to order new electronic modules with matching keys and replace them at the extremely high costs mentioned earlier.

At Barker’s Lock Service in Apex, NC, we have an alternative and much lower cost solution to this high priced problem. No need to tow your vehicle. We will come to your vehicle’s location, remove one of the electronic modules that the dealer’s procedure would require them to replace. We establish a link to the integrated circuit component that stores the transponder key data and write new transponder data from a key that we supply, to the component. We then decode the locks and cut the key to fit your vehicle. Once the module is reinstalled, the vehicle will start and run just as it did with the original keys and at a much reduced cost as compared to the dealer.  At that point, additional keys can be added using dealer level diagnostic programming equipment through the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic connector.  



Not all 2012 and later Subaru vehicles are manufactured using this new system type. If you have a 2012 or later Subaru and find yourself in this situation, it is best to call your dealer first. Supply them with your VIN and they should be able to tell you whether it has this new type system and how much it will cost to replace your keys. You will know immediately by the high price quote. Then get on the phone with Barker’s Lock Service to discuss a lower cost option that doesn’t require towing your vehicle or the down time associated with this service.