Barker’s Lock Service Makes Mercedes ML Keys!


Do you own a 1997 – 2005 Mercedes M-class vehicle? Have you lost all your keys or just need a spare? Have you called the Mercedes dealer to order a key, only to be told that Mercedes is no longer supplying keys for your vehicle?

Did you also know that there is a limit to the number of keys that can be ordered from the Mercedes dealer and programmed to your vehicle? I’ll bet they didn’t tell you that when you bought it. Most owners don’t find out until that limit is reached.

Once the maximum number of keys that can be ordered for your vehicle has been reached, the dealer will tell you that they need to replace the immobilizer system, along with the locks and keys, when all you may need is an extra key. That job can often cost more than the retail value of the vehicle!

Not to worry. Whether there are no keys, the key limit has been reached, or you just need a spare key, Barker’s Lock Service has the answers for you. We can cut and program new keys for your vehicle, and on top of that, we come to you! That’s right, Barker’s Lock Service can often perform services that even the Mercedes dealerships cannot accomplish.

So the next time you need an extra key or even if you have lost all the keys to your Mercedes ML, call Barker’s Lock Service. We’ll have you back on the road in no time!


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